DHL lastcyklar

DHL i Amsterdam levererar 25% fler paket med lastcykel. 

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Från Nijmegen #ICBF2014, av Steven Vance

Arne Melse DHL
2.5 years ago I Was bicycle courier in AMS for DHL Express. We talked to management and talked to expand bikes to other cities. I will show you the biz case with DHL.

Global Time Definite Network. The last mile principle B2B & B2C. 33 bike tours (routes) in 19 Dutch cities. 5 other countries where we are delivering by bike: Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Luxembourg, UK.

Why bikes?
congestion, bike is faster, more reliable
access regulation, bike has better access
bike is cheaper
bike is cleaner
Customer perception: bike is appreciation

Corporate social responsibility (CSR): People, planet, profit.

Bike implication:
enough customers with small size parcels,
in compact distro area
if the bike replaces van

Bullitt - "parcycle" or "e-parcycle"
regular bike with messenger bike
trikes (in Milan). high cost but high cargo capacity

convincing skeptics (particular in our company, so we do pilots): e-bikes
bike has limited loading capacity: transfer point
logistical process is getting more complex: knowledge & dedication. There’s an extra step in the process: instead of van delivering straight to delivery point, it has to deliver city and then to bike. We have to split the parcels into small and big (because van can carry small and big, but bike cannot).


Subcontracting? Depends on the country. In NL, we are almost 100% employees. In Leeds, Ian is biking for DHL. In Luxembourg it’s subcontract.

How important is argument that it’s cheaper? I think it’s very important. For CSR you have to look at possibilities that it’s good for the planet as well as profit. We save about €400,000 a year.

Can you charge a premium for offering cargo bike? The biggest cost is the courier.