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Welcome to the first Cargo Bike Show in Sweden. The idea came up in the Facebook cargo bike group Cykla med lastcykel. Discover the great potential of the cargobike as everyday family transportation and for professional use. 

When: 10.00 to at least 18.00 September 19, together with Stockholm bike carnival. (Cykelkarnevalen) 

Where: Skeppsholmen, outside Arkitektur & designcentrum. Map link here.

Test ride: Cargo bikes are available for test ride.

Why a Cargo Bike Show

We strive to speed up development of using energy effective transportation in cities using cargobike. A lot of ideas came up in this cargobike facebook group. Sweden Cargobike Show aim to 
  • Raise awareness among the public
  • Show and test drive different models of cargo bikes
  • highlight potential of using cargo bikes to the media, politicians and different state departments
  • demonstrate the use of and test drive cargo bikes to understand their full potential

Presentations, Friday September 18

Sweden Cargo Bike Show offers seminars for employed in cities, professionals and politicians. We will give examples of cargo bikes being used within municipalities and by professionals. And how infrastructure needs to adapt to the use of cargo bikes. 

Where: Tekniska nämndhuset, Kungsholmen. Map link here.
08.30-16.00 Test ride and networking starts 
at the back side of  Tekniska nämndhuset, close to the canal Karlbergskanalen, and continue all day
10.00-16.00 Seminars
Test ride: Cargo bikes are available for test ride at the back side of  Tekniska nämndhuset, close to the canal Karlbergskanalen from 08.30 to 16.00
Watch the seminars on live webcast. Levande video 

  • Cargo bike logistics

MOVEBYBIKE Stockholm & Uppsala

Move by bike slussen

Pling transport Göteborg

Pling transport Velove lastcykel
Velove Cargo bike 

Johan Erlandsson Pling transport
Johan Erlandsson Pling Transport / Velove Cargo bikes & Trailers

  • Cargo bike sharing

Uppsala cykelförening UCF

UCF Lastcykelpool

  • Cargo bike parking

Linda Kummel, Strategic urban planner, bicycle planning, sustainable planning

  • Cargo bikes in professional use

  • Cargo bikes being used in the logistics of the municipality


Cykelgruppen Stockholm

Naturskyddsföreningen Cykelgruppen i Stockholms län, som arrangerar Cykelkarnevalen

STHLM Cykelkarneval

Stockholm bike carnival

City of Stockholm

logo Levande video

Levande Video

Live webcast from the cargobike show, 18/9 and the cargobike show 19/9.

Exhibitors 2015

Babboe Nordic

Babboe Lastcykel

Bullitt STHLM

eBullitt mid drive lastcykel


Cykelfabriken, Work cycles

Bakfiets kort Cykelfabriken Lastcykel


Johnny loco, Cargobike, Winther

Johnny Loco Lastcykel

Ecoride STHLM

Urban arrow

Urban Arrow family Lastcykel

Enskede Lådcyklar

Bakfiets NL, Winther, Butchers & bikes, Bella bikes

Butchers & Bicycles lastcykel

Bellabike lastcykel

Levande video 

Using cargobikes for the transport of a complete mobile webcast TV studio.


Livelo #1 Lastcykel

Move by bike STHLM

Radkutsche’s Musketeer

Radkutche  Rapid Lastcykel

Move by bike slussen



Omnium Cargo Lastcykel

Riese & Müller
Janu Starke i samarbete med Elcykelbutiken i Gbg. 

Söders cykel

Dolly bikes

Velove Cargobikes & Trailers

Velove Armadillo Lastcykel