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Läs Johan Erlandssons rapport från #ICBF2014, med 100 bilder!

Johan Erlandsson från EcoprofileVelove och Move By Bike är på plats i ICBF2014 Nijmegen och rapporterar på twitter. Johan var först ut som talare, i direktsändning på Bambuser

Alla tweets från #ICBF2014

.@vanapedal in Barcelona is running a municipality funded pilot with consolidation centre combined with cargo bike delivery. #icbf2014

At the International Cargo Bike Festival? #icbf2014 My notes are here: http://j.mp/1hArWp2 

Ronald Jorna "3 types of (cargo) bike delivery companies: logistic, bikecouriers, home deliveries" #icbf2014 #mobycon pic.twitter.com/B4O2Ddj2Ue

Inbäddad bildlänk

@BehoovingMoving: "The ultimate goal is to bring our bikes into the appartment" #icbf2014 pic.twitter.com/iPQszjiMbL

Jort@vanderveen.nl presents motorized trailer designed & business case study Delft Univ tested for PostNL #icbf2014 pic.twitter.com/NSsHxDX2U3


DHL has both own employees on cargobikes, as well as sub-contractors #icbf2014

20 % of DHL vehicles in Amsterdam are now cargobikes #icbf2014


DHL only implement a #cargobike if it replaces a van #icbf2014

DHL: The #cargobike is more reliable than the motorised vehicle, which can get stuck in traffic #icbf2014

DHL: Deliveries to consumers is a booming business #icbf2014

a weekend Nijmegen: 6 Belgian bicycle messenger companies part of the 'global dreamteam' of #icbf2014 #CargoBike